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Ontario, Canada

I just sighted a bald eagle outside my window near downtown Ottawa, Ontario! Location is Rideau River just south of Riverain park at North River Rd and Donald St. (Coordinates 45.426218,-75.6667949). It was hunting over the Rideau river and over the park and drifted south slowly as it soared. A nice treat on this bright, very cold day!
Bert Michaud

Just want to report that, while driving on January 1st, 2018 at -25C !! near Fiztroy Harbour, Ontario (outskirt of Ottawa, Canada) and less than half a mile of the Ottawa river, we spotted this beautiful bald eagle by the road. I had my camera and felt privileged to have spotted this one. I managed the take several pictures and I did not care how cold it was ! The last time that I saw such beautiful eagle was 20 years ago on the BC West Coats. Although I had heard that such birds were seen in the Ottawa region, I have never thought seeing one today. A great way to start the new year !
Marc Lachance
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I was driving to Ottawa Ontario at 11:30am December 29 2017 (today) and saw a Bald Eagle off Stagecoach Road, above Osgoode Ontario.. It was hunting over a field.. This was a huge surprise.. and it was very cold today.. The closest body of water would have been the Rideau River, near Osgoode / Manotick Ontario.
I never expected Eagles to overwinter south of Ottawa Ontario and I have never seen one in this area before..but my husband now tells me he saw an eagle this summer on the River Road near Manotick....
We have Merlins, and Kestrels, Wild Turkeys, Vultures, Owls, Coopers, Marsh Hawks in our forest in the summer in South Mountain, and Coopers Hawks in the winter, My husband saw one kill a Morning Dove in the forest today.
Susan Hamilton

A friend and I observed a solitary bald eagle approximately 10km north of Ingleside, Ontario today (December 27, 2017) at around 130 p.m. Although reported sightings are not infrequent, it was the first time I have viewed a bald eagle in Ontario first hand. A special treat.
Bill Pulcine

I just saw a bald eagle at Georgian bay resort in Collingwood, Ontario, what a magnificent animal. This is the first-time I've ever seen one, I had just woken up and thought for a moment I was still asleep and dreaming.
Cory Corinthos

Jeff Brooks wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle in a tree on our way back up the napanee river in ontario .sitting right over the water .nice to see,my first bald eagle other then ones i see in florida all the time.aug 13/2017

Carole vdo wrote the following: Just saw 2 bald eagles in Balm Beach Tiny Township Area Feb 15 2017

Stephen Pidhirny wrote the following: 2 bald eagles sighted flying over the Green River in Washago,On around noon on February 5/17

Pam Chiles wrote the following: Sited a Bald Eagle in Pierces Corner Ontario, Canada. February 4, 2017. 45.094246, -75.747153. Keeping the chickens and cats inside today!

Bryn MacDonald wrote the following: Just saw a bald eagle near Bait Island in ottawa, Ontario. Beautiful addition to my day!

Ruth Smith wrote the following: While driving at 2 pm Dec 29th 2016 I saw a bald eagle flying north over Riverside drive (between Wonderland and Beaverbrook)in London, Ontario Canada

Jennifer Hoy wrote the following: Just saw a bald eagle flying over my house just outside Ottawa, Canada in a farming community called Plantagenet. Huge and absolutely beautiful! December 26th 2016.

Brian Shean wrote the following: Saw a mature bald eagle Sat Dec 10th 2016 at approx 4 pm flying northeast over our cottage near Harlowe On in the Addington Highlands

Paul Simons wrote the following: Friday Nov 11 2016 10am. Single Eagle flying north along the Thames River at Hwy 402 and Hwy 2.

Marcel Henry wrote the following: Ottawa Ontario - On the 21st September 2016 my wife and I were driving north on Dunrobin rd about half a kilometer from March road and a bald eagle was eating roadkill on the side of the road. As we approached we gave three mighty flaps of his wings and he was gone. What a sight! His wingspan was at least 5 to 6 feet. It was Beautiful!

Malcolm Thompson wrote the following: could not believe my eyes on Friday 5 2016 while driving along Nugget Ave and Dovedale court Scarborough Ont, a bold eagle flew in front of my truck, did a wide circle and landed on the grass verge. What a great sight.

Matt Klassen wrote the following: Saw a female bald eagle on the Rideau River in Manotick Ontario. February 1 2016.

Tanya Middlebro' wrote the following: From the bus, on my way to work, Saw a bald eagle sitting in a free beside the frozen Ottawa River, Monday 25 January 2016, had no idea they were around here in the winter, but it couldn't be anything else.

Bill Hiltz wrote the following: My wife and I were in our car on our way home from work on Tuesday, Jan 19/16. While travelling on the Bloomingdale Rd. just outside of Bridgeport in Kitchener, we spotted 4 bald eagles in flight, flying in a fairly tight circle, about 200-250 meters across I would estimate. We have spotted single birds in flight and perched in trees over the past years, but this was our first multi-bird sighting.

Al James wrote the following: We spotted a Bald Eagle this morning (Sun Jan 10th 2016) in front of our house sitting on the ice ( McPhee bay, Lake Simcoe ) Orillia On. What a beautiful Bird! We have not seen one in this area before. Must be just passing through.

Marissa Pace wrote the following: We live on the Rideau River near Manotick, Ontario and saw a beautiful male bald eagle twice in flight on January 4, 2016. I was lucky enough to capture it on camera the second time.

Tim Horne wrote the following: Went for a walk on Nov. 22/ 2015 and saw two eagles on the ground eating their prey. What a wonderful thing to see. ( Scotland Ontario)

Dianne Hodgkins wrote the following: Sunday, November 15, 2015
Bedford Rd and Salmon Lake Rd
North of Sydenham ON
Just before noon today I witnessed a bald eagle circling high above Bedford Rd just before Salmon Rd, north of Sydenham, ON. It was alone. I was in a vehicle and only observed it in passing. Got a good look at it albeit a brief one.

Chris Grayson wrote the following: On round Schooner lake on Sept 2 saw one flying. Apparently one of four in the area. North Frontenac Ontario

On January 28, 2015 I amazed to spot a bald eagle flying parallel to Hwy 400 just south of Hwy 38. I had never seen a Bald Eagle in the Muskoka/Georgian Bay Area before. I hope this is a sign of their further establishment in Ontario.
Connie Day
Bala, Ontario Canada

On January 28 I saw a bald eagle flying very high over the park beside my house in Milton Ontario. Such a wonderful sight. It circled for about 10 mins before leaving and another bird that looked like a type of hawk flew close by.
Michelle Fleming

London, Ontario
I saw a bald eagle flying overhead the intersection of Trafalgar St. and Bonaventure Dr. around 3pm today, January 15th.
Michelle Anita

January 8, 2015
Guelph, Ontario
Spotted a mature bald eagle in flight over the Speed River near Wellington and the Hanlon (Hwy. 6 north).
Jennifer Cameron

February 18, 2014
11:30 AM
Homestead Road, Iona
Elgin County, ON
Beautiful bird. Took flight from a snow covered field and few over a treed area overlooking a ravine.
Michael Oxenham

Paris, Ontario, Canada
Fishing in the Nith River
February 18, 2014
Lisa Fredricksen

Feb. 8, 2014 Etobicoke, Ontario about 5:00 pm
Bald Eagle flew over house. Flying south to north. Really neat to see that white head and tail in this area.
Brian Mooney

January 24 2014, Washago Ontario, we just had a large bald eagle land right in front of us in a pine tree at our house. We had a really good look, couldn't believe we were seeing one. He seemed to have his eyes on a flock of white ducks floating down the river.
Very cool
Susan Morrison

Continue to see at least one eagle around my home north of Sydenham, Ontario. Spotted one this afternoon, Jan. 23, 2014. While walking toward Gould Lake Conservation area. Got about 150' away as I passed. It was quite large, adult female most likely. I have had several sightings since I posted in November. Year of the Eagle for me.
Allen Hume=

We were fortunate to view a large bald eagle perched in a tree along Prince of Wales Drive near Manotick in south Ottawa, Ontario about 7:30 am on the morning of Friday Dec. 27th.
Elizabeth Laporte

I was walking the dogs Thursday November 28, 2013 and as we arrived home I heard some squeaking in the sky behind me. I turned to see Three adult bald eagles circling as, if looking for food, while drifting eastward toward Sydenham Lake. Today, Monday December 2nd, I saw a juvenile eagle flying quite low across a field and landing in tree about 400 feet a way. There have been a couple of deer hit in that area lately and my dogs discovered bits of meat around so I'm pretty sure there is something lying around attracting wild attention. I live just North of Sydenham, Ontario, in the neighbourhood of Gould Lake Conservation Area. Always excited to see big birds!
Allen Hume

On November 26, 2013, Buckham's Bay on the Ottawa River about 20 km west of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada was a stopover for several hundred Canada Geese loafing in between migratory legs. From the kitchen window I noticed the geese on the near shore quickly swimming away and looking a little nervous. I few seconds later a bald eagle flew by parallel with the shore about 30 meters high. I don't recall seeing an eagle in Ontario before so it was a great sighting.
Karl Fiander

I just saw a single bald eagle flying south across our property in Jordan Station, Ontario today (February 21/13). I had never seen one before, so that was pretty special.
Wilma Smeenk

I sighted at least one mature eagle soaring overhead north of Belleville Ontario this afternoon. It was near Vanderwater park. I also believe I saw another perched in a tree near Plainfield Ontario overlooking the Moira River and possibly two immature Bald Eagles on the ice just north of Belleville Ontario. I have has been told of sighting in and around the Frankford Ontario area.
Chris Clarke

A pair of bald eagles flying over the Rideau River at Black Rapids in Ottawa, Canada, then roosting in trees overlooking the river. Sighted in late January, 2013.
Neil Standen

While walking the dog along Woodland Beach, Tiny, Ontario yesterday a pair of Bald Eagles flew over head. I was quick to put the little guy back on the leash as I had witnessed a similar sized dog picked up and dropped on the Oregon Coast in 2005. They continued on their way down towards Wasaga Beach soaring just above the tree tops. Today, no sooner had I put the dog back on the leash when an eagle landed in a tree just above us. His interest in the dog was a bit unnerving to say the least. Beautiful to have them in the area!!!
Jan Luedecke

I think I've just seen a bald eagle flying behind my home over the Mississippi River in Carleton Place Ont!!! He was absolutely gorgeous!!!! From the previous comments on your link I can see that this is entirely possible! :))
Terry McCallum

75 Km west of Ottawa, Ontario.
Dec. 19th I saw one flying over me while driving. (I was shocked but my daughter told me last year she saw one (in the same area) in a tree. I guess I believe her now.) As well, the day before I saw a very large bird roosting in a big leafless tree with 4 or 5 large ravens on either side of it. Could this have been the same bird?
Lisa Bazzul

Well, I am glad you have this site so I can report my eagle sighting. I live in Angus Ontario and I walk my dog out by the Minesing, Ontario wildlife swamp area.
Location of sighting; Angus Ontario area; Off of Hwy 90, coming westbound from Barrie, as you are approaching Angus - McKinnon Rd north is on your right - approximately 300 meters north of Sunnidale concession road 2 (the only intersecting road) - And if looking on Google Earth - you can see, just as the curve in the road straightens out (curves around the pond) I noticed some movement through the air and to my surprise, I recognized it as a Bald Eagle which perched in the tree across the pond from the road. Approximately 50 feet from where I was standing. I think he was sizing up the dog for a meal.
Fortunately the dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, was probably more than the eagle would have bargained for, in terms of size. But I think the movement of the dog is what initially attracted the eagle. The dog likes to "walk point" so he was a good 75 yards in front of me at the time.
After staring in amazement for 5 minutes or so, I continued my walk northbound and kept looking back to see if the bird was still there. It remained throughout the walk and was still perched in the tree on my return trip some 15 minutes later. It didn't seem to care that I was there, so I took the opportunity to look him over carefully. It was a big bird in my estimation. Easily 36 inches from tail feathers to top of head and most likely more. I am being conservative in my estimation as it is difficult to accurately gauge length from a distance but I do work construction and use a measuring tape regularly, so take it for what it is worth in that regard.
When it was in the air prior to perch, it was a sight that drew your attention directly to it. It is remarkable that a bird that size can navigate so effortlessly through the branches.
I wish I had a camera to take pictures. I could've filled the cartridge. It appeared healthy and alert. I do not recall ever seeing a Bald Eagle in Ontario. Date of the sighting was Dec 17th, 2012, approximately 4:30 PM
Several days later I spoke to the man who lives right next to the pond and told him my tale. He acknowledged also seeing an eagle previously and thought that there was a pair of them that visited the area, but he hadn't seen them yet this year.
Many ducks and geese congregate in the swampy area before migrating south and their calls can be clearly heard in the distance. It has been inordinately warm this year, so many water foul remain.
Certainly plenty of wildlife from beaver, to deer, water foul, small rodents, coyotes, all share the swamp, so it would be good hunting for an eagle.
Get a dog, find a wildlife area and start walking. Good for the dog, good for your health, and you won't believe the things you will see. Don't forget the camera.
I am glad to have had the opportunity to report this sighting.
Polgar Nash

Yesterday, at approximately 2-2:15pm in the afternoon, a mature Bald Eagle flew into a lakefront backyard, and roosted for approximately ten minutes in a tall tree overlooking Lake Ontario, located on Colonial Court in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
Half a dozen people watched the bird until it flew several doors down, west of the location.
Early Christmas present for everyone!
Laura Bavelaar

Driving through London Ontario on Monday November 26 around 8:30am when I saw a bald eagle flying overhead following the Thames river. I thought I was mistaken at first but what a beautiful sight. I see from this page that someone else spotted this bird in the same location earlier this year……awesome!
Richard Hutchinson

Saw a bald eagle this morning on Sandy Creek, near Lakehurst, north of Peterborough Ontario. Have photos if required.
Carey Moluchi.

Ottawa, ON. 3:30PM Sunday Feb. 12th 2012. Just watched a bald eagle cruise up the Rideau river towards Billings Bridge where it started chasing some other birds that looked like crows and the ducks that like to hang out there. Didn't realize there were bald eagles in this area...
Chris Lawrence

February 10th - 2012.
Just saw a Am. Bald Eagle in Ottawa, Ontario (near Billing's Bridge by the Rideau River). It was up in the trees with some black crows nearby and lots of mallards swimming around in the small opening in the river nearby below. I returned with my daughter about a half hour later and it was gone. Earlier I saw some joggers taking some photos so somebody documented it.
Spectacular bird...

Spotted a bald eagle on January 15, 2012 in London, Ontario's Springbank Park. He (she?) was following the course of the Thames River, westbound, about eighty feet above the water. The brilliant sunshine, blue sky, pristine white snow and extreme cold temperature made a perfect backdrop. A magical sight!!
Gerry Gray, London, Ontario

On January 13, I spotted a bald eagle near Conestogo, Ontario. It was sitting in a tree overlooking the Conestogo River, near the bridge on Hwy 85 north of Waterloo.
Julie Kuntz

This morning we saw 1 Bald Eagle on the bay behind of our house. (The bay has a skiff of ice on parts of it –formed last night.)
Later in the morning we saw one adult and 3 juveniles sharing some sort of 'lunch' on the bay near where the first one was spotted. Last January we saw a Bald Eagle several times (January 2 and 4th 2011). It actually flew into a tree very close to our house, so we were able to get a good look at it. My family has lived on Kempenfelt Bay for 50 years, and we've never seen an eagle here until last year.
On a similar note, we saw 2 adult and 2 younger Trumpeter Swans on the bay yesterday and today. We've seen Trumpeter Swans over the Christmas /new year time period for the last 4 years.
Jim and Kathy Thompson
Barrie, Ontario

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