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Saskatchewan, Canada

I was on my way home from ice fishing on Last Mountain Lake (Rowan's Ravine Provincial Park), Wed, March 25, 2020, 4:00pm and I saw a bald eagle gliding around a field, looking for prey. It was about 10km west of the town of Bulyea, Sask.

We saw a bald eagle eating road kill in the ditch off highway 11 just north of McDowell Saskatchewan. Dec 14, 2018
John Drisner

Sighted a mature, magnificent Bald Eagle perched on a roadside tree beside Highway 1, just one kilometer west of Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan at 1130 hrs 12 October, 2018.
Ray Taylor

Darcie Wells wrote the following: Just saw a bald eagle sitting on a dead dead beside highway 11, close to Blackstrap Saskatchewan. Absolutely beautiful. Never seen one in the wild in Saskatchewan before. Nov 26/16

Cecil Nagy wrote the following: Highway 80 in the Cutarm Creek, January 7, 2015, Saskatchewan,Canada

Judith Perrin wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle this morning, December 22, 2015, at 8 am flying over the Assiniboine River across from the Legislative Building and then head east following the river. Magnificent.

Kevin East wrote the following: Bald Eagle sighted SSE of Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan Canada, Dec 05 2015, as well as mid-August 2015 at same location. Massive,beautiful mature bird.

I saw a bald eagle flying very low over a road along the Saskatchewan River. It was very easy to identify since it was flying low as well as very slowly, searching the ground. We see them here occasionally, but I don’t recall ever seeing an eagle in the dead of winter. The date was February 20, 1914 and the location is Battleford, Saskatchewan,Canada.
Birgit Lessing

I saw a bald eagle today! In Regina Saskatchewan!!!! It was huge and so beautiful, I've never seen a bald eagle in the wild ever let alone in Regina Saskatchewan Canada and it's winter and snow is on the ground soo COOL!
Velvett Mamela

I was driving home from Langham Saskatchewan today and close to Dalmeny Sask. I spotted a Bald Eagle in a field.
Bonnie Janzen

I was on my way to Saskatoon this afternoon and encountered an eagle just West of Vanscoy off of Highway 7 around 1:45pm. I have only ever seen hawks around here. What a fabulous creature.
erinn haffermehl

I saw one perched in a tree about three miles west of Battleford, Saskatchewan last week. We see them from time to time near here in the summer months. This was my first sighting in winter and its been cold--minus thirty last week.
Judy Bishop

Bald Eagle sighting Brightsand Lake Saskatchewan Canada. October 15 2012.
2 mature adults, 2 immature young.
2nd year in a row they have been sighted at this time of year.
Ryan Hinz

We saw an eagle on our power pole at our farm this morning. We are at the edge of the Qu'Appelle Valley between Craven and Southey, in Saskatchewan. Although it was a very big bird, I do not think it was as large as the golden eagles we see here. We have had bald eagles here in the spring and fall migration, but it seems early for that. This bird seemed a bit "scruffy", did not have a white head or tail, but had pale bars on the underside of the wings as it flew over us. I think the rump and throat were paler than the rest of the bird. I thought it might be an immature bald eagle. Temperature was - 15 C, gentle S wind, light cloud. 10 Feb. 2010
Hilary Ryan

Just came back from a deer hunting trip to southern saskatchewan. My two hunting partners and I observed a large adult golden eagle attacking an antelope. The eagle had attached itself to the back of the antelope. The eagle eventually let go, but the antelope appeared to be injured in the attack. From the little I've read, golden eagles do not normally attack such a large prey but this eagle sure did.
I wished I'd had a camera to capture it.
Dave Vella, Burlington, Ontario

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