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Bald Eagle Sighting in Winneconne,WI
Phoenix Herbst

12/7/17 We are staying at the Edgewater Hotel on Lake Mendota in Madison. We have a lake side room on the 8th floor and two bald eagles flew right past our windows, circled for a few minutes and then flew down the lake shore. We had such a close up view of them! Beautiful! A highlight of our stay here!
From Carrie and Joe Bergs in Madison

12/1/2017 8:55 am
    From a second story window, I just saw a bald eagle fly past our home. I've never seen one down here before...we live 21 miles west of Lake Michigan in the southeast corner of the state.
Deb Revolinski
Town of Norway (Racine County), WI

Sunday 10/1/17 11:18am
This location on Google Maps: 43.177606, -88.074508
Adult markings, perched on top of power pole beside landfill area, appeared to be eating prey.
Gabrielle Halpin

Jerry Frederickson wrote the following: Approximately 11 am at 2030 Floyd Pl, Town of Madison, WI Observed a pair of bald eagles circling high for 10 or more minutes Circling area within lagoon, Carver Street, Floyd Place, Martin Street

Anne Fahser wrote the following: Bald eagle sighting at 5:20pm on September 12th 2016 soaring over Lac La Belle Drive near Saeger Ave. Mature adult and came low over the road before soaring out over the lake. At first I thought it was a turkey vulture since there are so many nearby but looking straight up at him and having just seen many in Eagle River it was refreshing to see the eagle and not the vulture. He continued along the shoreline heading west. A neighbor biking by said he has seen one as well and one in Lake Okauchee.

Chuck Clark wrote the following: My job takes me in many of the landfills in southeastern part of WI. This time of year not unusual to see one or many more Eagles when visiting a landfill. Pretty common to see several daily.

Roger Bemann wrote the following: Bald eagle sitting on the ice next to the open water on Fowler Lake inlet. Had small animal or fish in its talons. Flew off and landed in oak tree in LaBelle cemetery overlooking the water. 1-22-2016 Oconmowoc WI

Jim Heyer wrote the following: Spotted Bald Eagle flying around over Milwaukee river just below Thiensville Dam. Chasing or being chased by large crows. Numerous geese on the river below. Thiensville, WI

Kathy Betters wrote the following: On 1/18/2016 I saw a bald eagle in flight in Sussex Wi. He/she was circling above a small quarry lake to the southwest of the corner of Main St. and Waukesha Ave.

Peg Moran wrote the following: Cty Hwy A, Oregon, WI. A bald eagle was being mobbed by the local crows. He was perched in my neighbor's tree across Hwy A and came into my yard for awhile. A UPS driver delivered a package to our house and saw the eagle take off across the field on our east border with a squirrel in tow.

Dale Pytko wrote the following: American Bald Eagle spotted flying over Sunset Dr, Twin Lakes, Wi at 8am 11/11/15 Unbelievable! Beautiful!

August Greidanus wrote the following: I was walking the Lake Geneva shore path and went out on the pier of George Williams College. Looked up and briefly saw an eagle. It would have been approximately above the Yerkes Observatory. My camera was not set up for bird flight photography, but I did manage to a poor quality photo. Date was Wednesday, Nov 4, 2015.

richard dondero wrote the following: we saw a large (beautiful) bald eagle flying over rt 23 in Sussex in the area of the A & P it was today at 1 pm 9/5/15

I was driving on Hwy 36 near Wal-Mart in Burlington, WI. An adult bald eagle flew over the road. Beautiful plumage and markings. Since I was driving, I did not see where it flew off.
A Haars

I was returning from a walk, when I saw a bald eagle for the first time ever coming in for a landing in the lot near my apartment. Such a beautiful thing to see, definitely glad I braved the cold for a walk today!
-Brett Myles
Middleton, WI

I'm from Germantown Wisconsin and I too have spotted a bald eagle adult with full white head at the dump on hwy 145 and brown Deere rd in Menomonee falls in the tree directly across from the cemetery right before Ernie Von Shleger autos. I spotted him at 4:45 last Friday and again tonight 1/30/15 on the way home from work. Tonight there was a juvenile also with him that was all dark, maybe 1yr old? I say him as it appears kind of small and the juvenile was definately larger!
Patti Olynick

1-15-15 spotted an adult bald eagle sitting in a tree. Hwy 145 & Brown Deer Road. At the landfill area, same place someone spotted it earlier in 2014.
This is about the 4th time it has been sighted in the same tree. Very exciting.
Sally Carter
Menomonee Falls, Wi.

It is a blustery -5 in Lake Geneva, WI today 1/8/15 and I have been watching 3 eagles (2 appear to be full grown) while the other younger, it doesn't have a full white head yet--but portions of white throughout. They have been perched/sitting in the trees in my front yard that face the lake for the last 2 hours. I assume looking for some ducklings to come along. Truly amazing.
Jill Wood

Really cool, a pair of Bald Eagles visited our yard today going downstream on Brandy Brook, might be after the ducks and the little open water in the cold spell. County Road DT, Waukesha. Difficult to photo because of the snow and branches.
Trevor Barns

I saw lot of ducks afraid over the Fox River in Waukesha when a Bald Eagle pass along to try to capture one.
I'm so happy to saw my first Bald Eagle. But I'll return to my country today.
Bruno Duquesne

Spotted a bald eagle today, 11/19/14 on the west shore of North Lake in Town of Merton, WI. The eagle was trying to catch a duck in lake water close to my shore. The ducks would go under every time the eagle would swoop down...it was amazing! The eagle left "empty handed".
Mary Judge

i was running on the lake geneva, wisc. lake path today (11/6/14) and spotted a bald eagle atop a large oak tree near abbey springs. he took off over the water and i spotted him again on my return in the same area. i was thrilled! i grew up not far from lake geneva and this is the first time i have ever spotted one. i hope to see one again very soon! :D
carolyn alder
elkhorn, wi

Had a beautiful bald eagle perched high in our backyard today. Middleton, WI
Jennifer Riedner

On September 29, 2014 a young eagle (molting, no white head but large) was standing in yard. He had caught a prey that looked like a small furry animal and was trying to eat it in our lakeside front yard. He was then joined by another eagle who looked just like him. They began to fight over the prey. The adult eagle which appeared smaller arrived and stood between the two younger eagles. The adult eagle took the prey and flew off to the right and the other two flew together in the opposite direction. It seemed like the adult was in charge and the other two sensed it and the fight was over.
Jean Schultz.
SIMMs Lake Gordon, WI.

9-20-2014 My husband & I were driving east on Hwy 16 just before exit 187 in Pewaukee,WI when an adult Bald Eagle flew right over our car & headed into a field on the other side of the highway. I've heard of sightings in the Lake Country area but this was our first time seeing one here.
Katie Geier

Saw one at mile marker 164.5 on I-94 perched on a dead tree south of I-94 on Sept 11, 2014.
Eric Lindstrom

From Big Flats WI, on 8-3-2014
From East Trout Valley Road, I had turned onto Brown Deer Road, just over a branch of the Roch-a-cri river, heading west at about 10:30am, when a Bald Eagle Flew right in front and over my car and up into a tree along the river. I stopped my car and took some pics with my phone, but the pics were real grainy and hard to make out that an eagle was really up in a tree. I stayed and watched the eagle for a bit and decided to go back to my cabin (in hopes the eagle would still be there) and grab my camera. To my surprise, the eagle was still there for me to take several pics. I have seen Eagles in this area of my cabin before. I would love to know if this area is just a pass through on their way to a winter home or have they made a home somewhere close? I'll just have to keep watching!!
Patty Peters

This morning on my way to work, an eagle took flight from a field and flew over my car on HWY 57 just south of Hwy H in Fredonia, WI
What an incredible bird. I've seen them up in the Dells area for years, but never in more populated areas.
Heidi Kopp

have 2 bald eagles taking turns eating a dead dear on a lake in Price county WI.
D. Kant

Just saw a large adult bald eagle feeding on a duck, just across from Tenney Park, Madison Wi. Saw it about 4pm.
Anita Toebaas

I was driving north on Lincoln Memorial Drive along the lake shore in Milwaukee, WI at dusk on Monday, February 10, 2014 and a large adult bald eagle flew over my car. It appeared to be headed to Lake Michigan. I was shocked as I've never seen an eagle in Milwaukee but I have spent many great days eagle watching in Michigan's upper peninsula on Portage Lake as we have an eagle's nest within a 1/4 mile of my lake home. I hope this is the first of many more Milwaukee eagle sightings for me.
Nancy Dralph

Friday February 7, 3:00 p.m. Saw 2 bald eagles above the Tenney Park ice rink in Madison, WI. First time in 25 years that I have seen an eagle within the city.
Karen Dollan

Saw a large bald eagle fly across the road in front of me on hwy 145 in Menomonee falls by waste management this morning about 7:30 am feb 1st 2014.
Ted Powell

I saw a bald eagle land in the field behind my house in Hartford Wisconsin Saturday Feb. 1st.2014 just to the west of the high school. There were some crows coming and going at this sight, probably a dead animal of sorts. Then the eagle came in and the crows flew off. The eagle left and flew in to a large tree and began eating the dead animal (rabbit?). The crows followed it and pestered it for a good time. Took the eagle about half hour to finish eating the prey.
Lon Johnson

Rochester, Wisconsin (Racine County)
We were driving south on Cty W just south of the town of Rochester when we saw a pair of bald eagles flying over the Illinois Fox River. The pair took up perch in a large tree over looking the river right where it turns to the east.
Mr and Mrs Schesick

This morning around 8:00 A.M I went out to fill my bird feeders. Afterwards, as I was walking back from getting the newspaper, I noticed a large bird flying toward me and as it got closer I saw it's great white head and tail feathers! This was very mature large bald Eagle flying about 80 feet above my head heading north. I lived here in Hartland over thirty years and this was the first time I've seen one here in Hartland!
John Disch

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