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Adam Cornelison wrote the following: Actually spotted 2. In Grand Teton NP in Teton, WY! Got some good shots.

My brother and I were camping on the west end of North Piney Lake in Wyoming on Saturday September 22nd, 2012 and we saw this bald eagle circling the lake and it landed a few hundred feet from our campsite.
Sighting the eagle was a highlight of the trip.
Patrick Hansen

I live in Northeastern Wyoming. Beginning the end of November 2011 until now the beginning of December 2011 I have come across Bald Eagles twice while traveling between Devils Tower WY and Hulett, WY. The first sighting was a group of at least 3 mature bald eagles (unsure as to genders) and the second sighting was a mature bald eagle flying with an immature bald eagle. These were amazing sights. I grew up in South Dakota and saw a couple in the many years I lived there. I never however came across them right by the road, in groups, or flying so close to cars that I had to maneuver to avoid hitting them. They are such beautiful animals that I hope they continue to flourish.
Tina Halvorson

I live in Gillette wy a friend and I went on a road trip dec. 22 to the bighorn mountains in our travels we spotted 14 bald eagles the next day we drove up the Broadus highway and saw 5 more bald eagles.
Doug Halfpop

I live in Gillette, WY and we have a fair year round population of Golden Eagles within a 100 mile radius of us here. We also have a migratory population of Bald Eagles from Late November to early April with approximately 25 reproducing pairs in this area. We also are seeing more and more Bald Eagles staying longer and longer as well. There is a Eagle preserve in Spearfish, SD (100 miles from Gillette) with between 3-8 pairs of mature Bald Eagles during this Nov. to April time frame. I have sat and observed the adults teach the immature ones to catch the thermals as well as to soar, dive, grab prey from the ground and return to the sky to try again. I never tire of watching them. The Casper, WY area along the Platte River also has a Bald Eagle population during the same months of the year.
Courtesy of Gerry Hills

We saw several Bald Eagles near the West entrance to Yellowstone Park. Leaving the town of West Yellowstone driving east along the river we saw Bald Eagles, among other things, every day this last summer. We spent three weeks in the park and never failed to see at least one Eagle. Each sighting caused an "Eagle jam" as everyone stopped to experience these magnificent creatures.
Courtesy of Gerry Bob and Shari Graves

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