Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge


They fly, oh, how they fly
So graceful, so free
Out of the grandeur of nature
Into our hearts through the emblems we see

Wearing the suit of velvety brown
Stark white hair on the head all around
Bright hooked yellow beak
Eyes that see from the heights to the ground

Considered a sign of strength
Since the ancient of days
The majestic look represents freedom
Great strength in all kinds of ways

In the beak there is a scroll
"Out of Many, One"
Stripes of red and white cover the armor
Proud independence from a war just won

The mighty right talons grasp
Thirteen arrows fired through war
The left talons hold an olive branch
Offering peace and war no more

So graceful, so free
They fly, yes, they fly
Still holding the banner of freedom
While flying through today’s troubled sky

© Joanne Kenzy
May 4, 2016

Poem courtesy of Joanne Kenzy

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